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          • 卓越时代广场1
          • 卓越时代广场2
          • 卓越时代广场3
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          POST TIME:2013-07-23 09:47:00

          主创设计:Sofia Castelo
          开发商: 卓越地产


          Times Square Excellence
          Lead designer: Sofia Castelo
          Style: Modern
          Area: 8,500 ㎡
          Location: Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province?
          Developer: Excellence Group
            Located in the CBD center of Futian, Shenzhen, the project is a relatively high-end office building in Shenzhen. With a floor area of 8,560 square meters and convenient transportation, it is also a property that lies between two metro stations within the business center.
            A large area of glass curtain wall and geometric outline with high tension have been adopted in the architectural design, so the design is stylish and fashionable. The architecture can be divided into two office buildings whose middle parts are joined together as an integral whole by a roof garden. In terms of design, we have fully extracted the design language of the building fa?ade, adopted straight lines and fold lines as the design texture, and employed premium materials in combination with mirror surface pool, luminal art, exquisite sculpture accessories, etc. to fully magnify the architectural language and meanwhile reinforce the harmony between landscape and architecture. In this way, the landscape design can better coordinate with the temperament of the architecture.