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          • 青岛海泉湾1
          • 青岛海泉湾2
          • 青岛海泉湾3
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          POST TIME:2013-08-19 18:25:08

          开发商: 港中旅


          Ocean Spring
          Style: Travel And holiday
          Area: 120000 ㎡
          Location: Qingdao City
          Developer: CTS
            Located in Qingdao, Ocean Spring is oriented to cooperate with urban development and tourism demand, integrate peripheral resources and forge itself into a high-end vocation product centering on hot spring and golden beach of thousands of meters with organic activities such as conference, tour, amusement, entertainment, sports, food, shopping and so on.
            This project has created several areas of different functions and spatial scales through the employment of natural environment and architecture so that it can provide a variety of leisure activities. The whole project is controlled by the powerful space frame to avoid exerting negative effects on the big environment.
            In order to attract tourists, the area, with a relative concentration of hot spring projects, must have its own characteristics. In addition to the utilization of the existing superior landscape resources for conventional development, the design is more concerned with the use of these resources during the slack tourist season in the winter of the north and is more desirous of giving tourists a special experience of winter vacation by the organization of some landscape creation techniques. As a result, an all-weather and all-season relaxation mode will be forged. We have extracted the theme of “City of Water” after the analysis of project characteristics. The sea, spring and bay supplement each other, none of which is dispensable. Since water loving is human nature water is an element with a strong capability to touch people’s feelings in northern cities. We have designed abundant waterscapes in combination with the hydrologic resources around the base so that the project can be full of romantic color and delight of relaxation.