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          • 开阳·环湖公园1
          • 开阳·环湖公园2
          • 开阳·环湖公园3
          • 开阳·环湖公园4
          • 开阳·环湖公园1
          • 开阳·环湖公园2
          • 开阳·环湖公园3
          • 开阳·环湖公园4


          POST TIME:2013-07-22 18:12:19

          开发商:开阳市政府 ? ? ??
          ? ? ? ?开阳县环湖新区位于开阳县城东南面,规划总面积约2平方公里,将建设贵开路、环湖路、环湖大桥等道桥,成为贵阳至开阳公路建成后的县城南入口。环湖新区的建设将与该县东兴新区和旧城区融为一体,增加城市容量、提升城市品位、改善投资环境,为开阳县打造山水园林县城奠定基础。环湖公园作为开阳新区的核心区域,我司建议从新区中心公园提升为整个市中心公园,更利于整个新区的吸引力。 ? ? ? ?
          ? ? ? ?法国DELD当代景观设计公司主创设计参与设计,为了创造一个现代高品质山体环湖景观公园,我们利用现代化的城市规划与景观设计手法,对湖区水质进行了改善,同时保留了现有的地貌和植物环境,以进一步提升项目的鲜明特征和使用功能,促进和改良当地市民人居生活质量,以达到增进民众的互动和交流。我们的设计目标和愿景:“创造市民生活舞台,传承城市文化精神”。

          Kaiyang·Huanhu Park
          Lead designer: Jessica、Tao
          Style: Contemporary style
          Area: 1,200,000 m2
          Location: Kaiyang City, Guizhou Province

          Developer: Kaiyang Government

          ? ? ? Kaiyang Kaiyang Lake District is located in the south east, the planned total area of about two square kilometers, the construction of expensive open, Bridge Lake Road, Lake Bridge, became the southern entrance to the town Guiyang Kaiyang highway built. Construction of Lake District and the county will Dongxing District and the Old Town integration, increase urban capacity, improve urban quality, improve the investment environment, to build the foundation for Kaiyang county landscape garden.

            Huanhu Park is the core area of New District in Kaiyang. We recommend that the Park shall be upgraded from as the center park of New District to the center park of the city. It will enhance the attractiveness of the entire New District. In order to create a modern high-quality mountain lake landscape park, we use modern urban planning and landscape design practices to improve the water quality of lake meanwhile retain the existing topography and plant environment thus to further enhance the distinctive characteristics and application function of the project. The project will contribute and improve the quality of the living environment of local residents in achievement of increasing people's interaction and communication. Our design goal and vision is, “Creating life stage for residents and inheriting urban culture heritage.”