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          POST TIME:2013-07-23 11:10:07

          开发商: 龙湖宜恒地产发展有限公司


          The Special River·Longfor
          Lead designer: Hugo、Tao
          Style: Modern
          Area: 123,000 ㎡
          Location: Nanbin Road, Nan’an District, Chongqing City?
          Developer: LongforYiheng real estate development Co., Ltd
            The Special River ? Longfor locate in the southern district of Chongqing CBD core area, covers an area of 185 acres. Longfor real estate build of the Longhu life City at the southern bank of the Yangtze River. The landscape takes the modern design technique, uses the straight line and curve is the principle of design, the space is primarily for afforesting to make the multi-level and three-dimensional garden, creating the relaxes environment to the human. The design uses the jungle and the relaxed slow runway, to provide a place of open grasslands to easily enjoy the Sun, people can interact with the environment.
            The designer design the artificial lakes through the north and south of 2500 square meters , this criss-crossing design is in order to cause the experience space is richer and specially, and constructs a nature and comfortable courtyard environment. The oriental cherry avenue is up to 600 meters, so romantic and beautiful. This project three sides surrounded by the greenbelt and garden, has the massive afforested natural conditions is one of the few.