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          POST TIME:2013-07-23 17:44:28

          开发商: 中信地产

          Lead designer: Jessica
          Style: Modern
          Area: 73,000 ㎡
          Location: Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province?
          Developer: ?Citic real estate
            This project is located in the southwest centric group of Longdong Area, Longgang District, Shenzhen. As the intersection of two important urban arterial roads--Shenzhen-Shantou Road and Ailong Road, the project is also close to many highways within the district with convenient transportation. As an important part in the functional zones of urban renewal in Longgang, this project will develop into a novel and speedy urban life community which involves an integration of transportation junction, business offices, trade center and high-grade residence.
            The monolithic architecture of the project is in modern style with rich and varied facades, which mainly shapes business landscape space on the ground floor and residential landscape space on the floor of the roof garden. The periphery of the overall project is designated as commercial space and the residential garden terraces are separated by the commercial middle corridor, so two independent garden spaces are formed. On this basis, commercial space and atmosphere with unique and strong identifiability can be created through the adoption of modern design methods, the special design of pavement materials, the coordination of hue and architecture, and the vigorous application of modern and fashionable rhombus design to business landscape.
            As for the garden, in consideration of the fact that the application of plenty of commercial space in this project will have relatively strong effects on residents in the residential area, priority is given to plant design in landscape design to forge exquisite residential courtyard space and manifest the exalted quality of the project. The flexible and balanced spatial organizations like straight, rotating, fold, upper, lower and other lines are employed to enable people to feel the infinite variations of the space when visiting the garden. Major activity spaces are coordinated with functionality of the project and spatial characteristics of the field with the purpose of forging a vital, modern, high-grade and commercial-residential model community.